How does the marketplace work?


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The marketplace is a pilot project in which roasters in select markets can purchase coffees directly from producers online through a pre-negotiated supply chain. It’s a collaborative effort between M-Cultivo, the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, Cup of Excellence, the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association, Sancoffee, Anthem Coffee Imports, and Falcon Coffees.

The Brazil Select coffees have been cupped by the Cup of Excellence Brazil 2021 National Jury and all scored 86 points or higher by that jury. All the coffees are currently in Brazil, awaiting sale and shipment.

Buyers can order samples of coffees or purchase without tasting the coffees. Buyers purchase the coffees and pay an estimated shipping charge that is inclusive of international freight, import fees, approval samples, and domestic freight. In other words, the price you pay is the cost of moving the coffee from origin to your door.

Coffees sold are shipped when the minimum order for consolidation agreed upon by the importers is met. Once the coffees are ready for shipment, an approval sample is sent to the buyer who has 5 days to either approve or reject the coffee. If not approval or rejection is given to M-Cultivo, the coffee will be counted as approved.

Freight charges are then fixed and the buyer may receive a partial refund for any difference in the actual freight cost and what was paid on the Marketplace. M-Cultivo will keep buyers updated as their coffee moves from the country of origin to their door.

After that, just enjoy your coffee!

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