Who is behind the M-Cultivo Marketplace?


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This marketplace is the culmination of a collaborative effort by a group of industry stakeholders, committed to finding ways to provide better access to market for farmers, and better access to farmers for roasters. Launching in Brazil this year is particularly poignant as the Cup of Excellence competitions began in Brazil in 1999, with huge support from the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA). Once again, with the great support of the BSCA, we are able to launch this avenue for producers and roasters to connect in new ways. It’s our vision to refine this marketplace concept and process, and expand it to other COE competitions next year.

Finally, this marketplace couldn’t exist without the cooperation and support from Sancoffee, Brazil Select’s exporter, as well as Anthem Coffee Importers and Falcon Coffees, our current importing partners. These organizations understand the vision and value of the marketplace, and we're confident that they will deliver a best-in-class logistics experience for the marketplace. 

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