Where is my coffee?


Last Update 2 年前

Have you purchased your coffee yet? If not, your coffee is still in the country of origin.

If so...All coffees start off in the country of origin and must be consolidated before shipment. Consolidation can take up to 30 days and helps us reduce the cost to the end buyer. Shipping costs are particularly high right now because of the on-going shipping crisis.

After coffees have been consolidated, we will export the coffee and begin moving it to the destination country. Depending on whether you selected air freight or ocean freight this process can take less than 4 weeks or up to 16 weeks. The final step is palletizing the coffee and shipping it in LTL ('less than truckload') or  FTL ('full truck load') directly to the address you provide at checkout. This domestic delivery is not included in shipping rates on the M-Cultivo Marketplace and will be quoted to each buyer by the importer upon the coffee's arrival to the importer's warehouse. 

We will keep you updated on timelines as your coffee moves. In the meantime, please reach out via our chatbot or [email protected] if you need additional information.

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