What makes up the shipping and freight charges?


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The shipping rates charged are estimates and include international freight, import and fees, an approval sample for each lot, and a payment processing fee. Actual charges may differ at the time of shipping. Any differences in logistics costs we find will be refunded to you, the buyer.Each buyer will be responsible for additional domestic freight charges directly with their importer. 

The more coffee you buy the less expensive the shipping rates will be. Shipping a single sack from country of origin to your door will be expensive. Buyers start to get better shipping rates at 5 bags. If you’re interested in connecting with other roasters in your city to coordinate last-mile shipment to save on domestic freight, please reach out to [email protected].

We aim to serve farmers and customers. Part of that process is managing the volatility of shipping rates throughout the supply chain in a streamlined process. Shipping rates are particularly unpredictable and high at the moment due to the on-going freight crisis. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please reach out via our chatbot or [email protected] if you need additional information. We are happy to provide more detail. Our commitment is full-transparency on every order.

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