How does quality control work on the marketplace?


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The coffees on the marketplace are graded by the national jury of cuppers through the Cup of Excellence competition process. The cuppers have be trained and calibrated by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence. The high quality of the coffees listed has earned these farmers a spot on the marketplace.

The process the coffees go through is the following: Each coffee has goes through several rigorous rounds of cupping via the Cup of Excellence competition. Buyers are welcome to purchase samples to cup prior to purchasing a coffee. An approval sample will be shipped to the buyer for each lot purchased for the buyer to approve the sample prior to shipment. The buyer must approve or reject the approval sample within 5 days of receipt or the coffee will be considered approved and shipped.

M-Cultivo, our partnering importers, and exporters have also committed to cup your coffees to provide an extra layer of assurance. Though, the ultimate responsibility lies on the buyer once the coffee is shipped.

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